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Message from Head of the Department


Message from Head of the Department


With a vision of eminence, Lyceum Campus 4.0 is the future of higher education. We set the trends to all tiers of scholars to discover, transform and converge their best potential to the demands of tomorrow.

The department of business management and it’s faculty is fully fledged to up keep the continuous development of our students and thus, expand at all times. We are a community gathered to grow, a system implanted to strategize, a team gathered to win.

Our partners, DEAKIN university Australia and ABE - UK, are change ready. They collaborate ensuring, the quality of all programmes are up to set standards, allowing scholars to be exposed to top rank university learning environments.

I extend a warm welcome to all who aspire to become future leaders, to join the Business Management Department of Lyceum Campus and experience the modern education to become the winners of tomorrow.

Ms. Anitha Siriwardhana
Head of the Department

Lyceum Campus - Message from Head of the Department