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Bachelor of Education Honours in Primary Education degree programme is designed with the objective of incorporating emerging areas in Primary Education, innovative methods and strategies and sophisticated technologies for learning/teaching with a view to cater to the changing needs of local and international education system. The final outcome of this program is to produce a full-fledged Primary Teacher with versatile characteristics and professional competencies needed for the advancements in the field of primary education.


The degree program designed by Lyceum Campus; incorporates courses categorized into five areas; namely, Professional Studies (PS), Academic Studies (AS), Foundation Studies (FS), Elective Studies (ES) and Field Experience (FE) amounting to 130 credits in total.

  • Duration: 4 Years (Full-Time)
  • Curriculum : Theory + Teaching practicum
  • Class Schedule : Option 1 - Monday to Friday - 2.30PM - 5.30PM Option 2 - Saturday and Sunday - 9AM - 5PM
  • Total credits : 130 credits points
  • Course Fee : LKR 1,000,000
  • Scholarships (Based on A/L results) : 3 B's and Above (National / Cambridge / EDEXCEL) – 50% 3 C 's and Above (National / Cambridge / EDEXCEL) – 20% Terms & Conditions apply*

Entry Requirements:

  • National / Cambridge / EDEXCEL A/L - 3 passes, any stream at same sitting
  • Mandatory Aptitude Test (English + IQ)

Module Structure

The curriculum of the B.Ed (Honors) in Primary Education Program consists of below categories recommended by the Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (SLQF).

Semester Module Structure

Semester 1
Semester 2
Semester 3
Semester 4
Semester 5
Semester 6
Semester 7
Semester 8
Module Code Module Credits
BEPE114013 Philosophical Thoughts on Primary Education 03
BEPE114023 Language Studies 1 - First Language-Fundamentals of English Language 03
BEPE114033 Primary Mathematics-Introduction to Mathematics Education 03
BEPE114043 Environmental Studies-Civic Education 03
BEPE114053 English for Communication 03
BEPE114060 Information Communication Technology(ICT) NC
Module Code Module Credits
BEPE124073 Psychological Bases in Primary Education 03
BEPE124082 Sociological Aspects in Primary Education 02
BEPE124092 Counselling in Primary School 02
BEPE124103 Language Studies 1- First Language- Elements of English Language 03
BEPE124114 Primary Mathematics - Mathematical Concepts in Primary Education 04
BEPE124122 Aesthetic Education - Basics of Aesthetics 02
BEPE124130 Study Skills NC
BEPE124140 Interpersonal Skills Development NC
Module Code Module Credits
BEPE234013 Teaching Methodology for Primary Classroom 03
BEPE234022 Curriculum Practices in Primary Education 02
BEPE234033 Language Studies 1 - First Language-Pedagogy in Teaching English 03
BEPE234043 Primary Mathematics - Pedagogy of Mathematics 03
BEPE234052 Basic Science - Biological Science for Primary Education 02
BEPE234061 Health and Physical Education- Physical Education 01
BEPE234072 Aesthetic Education - Art & Craft for Primary Classroom 02
BEPE234081 Teaching Practice- Primary School Observation 01
Module Code Module Credits
BEPE244093 Special Learning Teaching Methods for Primary Classroom 03
BEPE244102 Assessment for Learning in Primary Classrooms 02
BEPE244113 Environmental Studies - History 03
BEPE244123 Environmental Studies- Geography 03
BEPE244132 Health and Physical Education - Health Education 02
BEPE244141 Health and Physical Education - Sports & Physical Education 01
BEPE244151 Teaching Practice- Micro Teaching -1 01
BEPE244162 Teaching Practice- Teaching Practicum -1 02
Module Code Module Credits
BEPE356014 Inclusive Practices in Primary Classroom 04
BEPE356022 Primary Teacher as a Classroom Manager 02
BEPE356032 Primary Teacher as a Professional 02
BEPE356042 Aesthetic Education - Eastern Music in Primary Classroom 02
BEPE356054 Learning Portfolio 04
BEPE356063 English for Academic Purposes 03
BEPE356070 Speech & Drama NC
Module Code Module Credits
BEPE366082 Primary Teacher as a Reflective Practitioner 02
BEPE366093 Research Methods in Education 03
BEPE366102 Basic Science - Physical Science for Primary Education 02
BEPE366112 Aesthetic Education - Dancing for Primary Classroom 02
BEPE366124 Religious Studies- Buddhism 04
BEPE366134 Religious Studies- Roman Catholicism
BEPE366144 Religious Studies- Christianity
BEPE366154 Religious Studies- Hinduism
BEPE366164 Religious Studies- Islam
BEPE366172 ICT for Primary Classroom 02
BEPE366182 Teaching Practice - Micro Teaching 2 02
Module Code Module Credits
BEPE476012 Aesthetic Education- Western Music for Primary Classroom 02
BEPE476024 Language Studies 2- Second Language- Sinhala Language 04
BEPE476034 Language Studies 2- Second Language- Tamil Language
BEPE476042 Comparative Studies in Primary Education 02
BEPE476052 Managing Primary School
BEPE476062 Early Childhood Education 02
BEPE476072 Vocational and Non- Formal Education
BEPE476083 Teaching Practice- Teaching Practicum- II 03
BEPE476093 Research Study- Research Proposal 03
Module Code Module Credits
BEPE486108 Teaching Practice- Teaching Practicum- III 08
BEPE486117 Research Study- Research Dissertation 07

*Academic Modules of Religious Studies, Second Language Studies as well as Elective studies offer options to be selected, as per the undergraduate student’s requirement.


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