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President's Message

Emeritus Prof. Mohan de Silva

President of Lyceum Campus

As you are entering the real world you all have your own dreams. You wish to have a happy life and be successful in everything you do. You have seen and read profiles of successful people and perhaps you may be thinking of emulating some of them. To be successful in this journey of life you are about to begin, you must have good thoughts and good dreams. Elena Roosevelt once said I quote ‘progress is made by people who believe in the beauty of their dreams’. So, you may need to put yourself in the right place to help harness your dreams and thoughts. You also must be in a right environment at the right time with right people who could provide you with help and guidance.

At Lyceum Campus we believe in guiding your young minds, the art of thinking which is harder than you think. Our mission is creating good global citizens. At Lyceum we have an excellent team and facilities awaiting to welcome you. We will help you to understand what counts and what doesn’t, measure how you are going, what you are doing and where you are going all the way. Welcome to the Lyceum Campus.

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